Frequently Asked Questions

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When do my accounts have to be prepared for my limited company?

The time limit for filing accounts at companies house is 9 months after the year end. But in the first year the limit is 21 months from the date of incorporation.

For example : Formed on 5th June 2014

First y/e = 30 June 2015

BUT due to be filed by 5th March 2016 NOT 31st March 2016

Subsequent years due date = 31st March

What is an Annual Return?

It's a short form that goes online to companies house on the anniversary of the company's formation. It simply shows who the directors, share capital and shareholders are at the date of the form.

It is possible to file a Return at another date, for example if there have been some share changes and you want them to show online.

Where can I find company information?

Companies House have just put all their records on the web for free!