Company Formation Service

Our formation service is genuinely tuned to supply the service that you think you are paying for when you pay the fee, but are so often disappointed in.

When you buy from us, remember that you are dealing with a fully regulated firm of chartered accountants subjected to professional standards and supervised.

We are happy to supply references for our service if required.

Fees are detailed below:

Purchase of company from Abell Morliss:(if overseas purchase – add GBP150 to all fees quoted)Order by 11.00 for formation next working day!

Limited company change of name:

Same day formation of company by Abell Morliss, to your choice of name:140 70 380


What can we do for you?

  • All formations are carried out by ourselves.
  • After you receive the company from us we do not abandon you
  • We deal with issuing some shares to you – usual number is £100 nominal value.
  • You need to be appointed director of the company, and we do all the forms for you and notify companies house
  • We understand the money-laundering rules so we can make sure you comply without falling over the steps.
  • In order to actually use your company, it will probably need registering for VAT and PAYE scheme set up. None of this is rocket science but you would be amazed what a mess clients get into when they do this themselves – all due to the stupid procedures the various bodies have that you need to deal with. Why learn it all yourself for a single event when we do it all the time and know the pitfalls already?
  • A bank account? You would not believe how unhelpful most UK banks are until you try and open a bank account for a new limited company.
  • And you might even need a few hints on how to run a small company – Why not sit and talk to us?
  • Remember any limited company even with only one director, but trading doing anything needs el/pl cover, and quite often PI cover. One insurer many of our clients use and are very pleased with is insurers Trafalgar risk management.
  • Once you have made the astute decision to purchase from us think about your needs – do you need the company quickly? If so then take a pre-formed company, and use it the same day. If you hate the name then we can change it very quickly for you. Our pre-formed companies are all of course unsullied by any prior use and come with our guarantee they are clean and fresh.
  • If time is no object then ask us to help you choose a name to reflect your serious entrepreneurial status and allow us just a few days to get your brand new company formed for you.
  • If you are based overseas we can still help you, but sadly our language capabilities are restricted to Essex English also we do have affiliates in Guernsey, Australia, Belgium, Germany, and France so please ask for details.