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I. Blanchard

- Sway

From receipt of an initial letter a little over 4 weeks ago, my experience with Abell Morliss has been excellent with friendly, very efficient personal service resulting in a most unexpected stamp duty rebate of a very significant amount. 

Kevin D & Emma D 

- Exeter

Thank you, we received the money into our account. 

When we were looking to buy our house and business, we approached someone who specialises in working out stamp duty and claiming people's money back if they overpaid. He thought the amount we were paying was about right. 

When we received the letter from Abell Morliss we decided to just give it a go and there was nothing to loose. We are really happy to say we received a large rebate.


We would never have known we overpaid so much if it hadn't been for the letter we received from the company.

We can't recommend them highly enough. Thank you so much for all your help.

  Martin C

- Torquay

It has been a pleasure dealing with Abell Morliss, they have communicated very well, keeping us well informed over the whole process. From our experience they operate very efficiently, and from the results achieved we can say they are truly effective as well.


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