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Data matters matter!

Updated: Mar 14

Many thanks to Skip Hire Monthly for the cartoon reminding us of several things:-

Mr. Employee was disgruntled his employer had fitted a tracking device on his truck as he felt it was an unnecessary intrusion. His mate couldn't see the problem. Which is how things often are seen in the workplace. Their employers should have communicated carefully what they were changing, and why. Maybe come up with some spin about them not needing to do timesheets in future. Or perhaps helping protect them from being accused of bad driving/parking.

The response of the chap, by posting on his own social media accounts, illustrates further the point regarding privacy. Sadly we don't have electronic privacy whatever Bill Gates, or his opposition say.

Many devices around us are casually/sinisterly monitoring our every movement. We can't find our phone, and we press a button on our pc and the phone beeps so we can locate it in the bin under the coffee grounds and off yoghurt. Whereas when our phone beeps and says "you're near Beelzebub restaurant, click here for 10% discounted meal tonight for you and your friends", we mutter about privacy intrusion! And of course the whizzy devices in the home are actually listening to us if we have them.

Many employees don't get the data management issues involving themselves communicated in an appropriate way to them, and this can then lead to negative reactions, or worse. Always remember there's an Employment Tribunal hiding in so many corners these days !

Skiphire Magazine (C)

And of course we jump into our (electric) cars and use the many free satnav apps that can only function by knowing where you are in order to take you to where you want to go.

Some would say that if you've nothing to hide, does it matter? The same issues are hot regarding public camera systems for our security/spying on us etc.

The magazine really exists!


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