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How do I pay my taxes, I'm keen to help out HM Government

paying taxes is actually pretty eeeeasy, ..........until you actually try and do it off any bank website. Basically you need your 10 digit tax reference UTR), and that's it. All the dough goes to Shipley, which is now overseas in Cumbernauld Scotland in reality.

So it's

HMRC Shipley

083210 12001020

+ your Reference number

e..g. 1234567890

HOWEVER, the BIIIG problem is that most banks have pre-set up payments to HMRC and all their lovely departments, and 100% of these use weird forms of their reference formats, and we 100% can't help you with those as it's just too stressful. The frig round it is to set your own payee up, or with Barclays you use the sundry payments ref, which starts with an X and has room for 12 more digits, so you put your utr in, and put some more xx at the end to fill the field.

If you're paying PAYE then it's the Accounts Office reference to put instead of the utr. Format is 111AA22334455 e.g. 951PP00274952 .

Life is simples


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