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self assessment returns

Updated: Mar 4

Yes it's that happy time of year when fobbing off an unwelcome job finally hits the buffers of reality, and it HAS to be done. Over 99% of our clients ask us to do this for them, as getting a reliable WiFi connection bobbing around on a yacht is so stressful.

We use top drawer software for all Tax Returns, so you can be sure that if you give us accurate data the tax bill will be right. This year things are a bit different because Dishi gave us the choice of not paying the July 2020 tax instalment due to the covid pandemic. Sadly this really made the pain worse as NOW you need to pay not only the usually massive tax bill on 31 January 2021, but this naturally includes the one you fobbed off last July.

A while ago we requested HMRC to give us more time to do the returns due our office being mostly closed, and us working from home using a 256k modem. Amazingly HMRC said "not interested, just work harder/faster".

What they 'generously' have announced (at the very last minute) is that they won't charge the £100 penalty for not making filing by 31.1.21, and given us another 4 weeks to file returns. NEVERTHELESS they still want the tax PAID on time on 31st Jan, even though you don't know the ££number to pay etc. zzzzzz. Thanks heavens for civil servants reliably coming up with practicable solutions to all life's little problems.

Need to pay some tax? click here for how.

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