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self assessment UTR numbers

Updated: May 12, 2022

Tax returns only HAVE to be done if HMRC asks you for one as a general rule.

However if they do ask, don't ignore it as short of death there's no way of avoiding responding, they won't cancel their request.

Unfortunately many years ago HMRC decided they were fed up with all the duplicate NiNo numbers in the uk, so they started their own database called UTR (Universal Tax Reference). Instead of allocating a UTR number to each little horror/bundle of joy as they were born, HMRC decided to make it difficult to get a UTR. This is not a problem if they write to you asking for a tax return - they include the utr in the letter. However if you voluntarily wish to do a tax return e.g. to fob off a mortgage advisor etc., you need to get a UTR issued to you. The ONLY was to achieve this is to register online, or ring them up, and convince someone to issue the UTR - we can't do it for you as they will only talk to you.

here is the vital link - enjoy.........

Thank heavens for civil servants reliably coming up with practicable solutions to all life's little problems.

Need to pay some tax? click here for how.


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